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About Sima Dahl

Chief Connector

I am a connector, not a recruiter. I connect products with buyers, ideas with media, inspiration with venues, and Chicago area marketers with job leads.

MarketingJobWire.com is a way of saying thanks to my network of peers for their help first in my career as a corporate marketer, and now as the President of Sway Factory, a social media consultancy focused on helping business-to-business companies and professional service firms build brands and drive sales.  I do that in one of three ways:

– Social media strategy and implementation
– Social networking training for staff, sales teams and the C-Suite
– Keynote, break-out, and executive speaking engagements

If you would like to discuss these services, please call 312.884.1888 or email hello@simadahl.com. If you are a job seeker I welcome your connection on LinkedIn. Connect with me to learn more.