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Keep The Job Karma Flowing

I started in 2005. At that time, my only costs were my time, of which I gave freely. But as the list grew, so too did the effort required to maintain it. In 2008 I invested my own resources to launch this website and contract with an email service provider. By then I was working non-stop on my new consulting practice, so I hired a community manager to handle the back-end. All-in, I spend nearly $100 / month to keep the karma flowing, and that doesn’t include the price of my time.

People always tell me how much they value – which best describes you?

  • I am a job seeker and I value the job leads that I receive from this community each week
  • I am a career climber and like keeping a pulse on the Chicago job market.
  • I am a recruiter or hiring manager and use this service to advertise current openings.
  • I have personally benefitted from Sima’s advice, introductions and network.
  • I believe this is a valuable service and want to do my part to keep the Karma flowing.
  • If you can see yourself in one or more of the above categories and can spare a few rubles to help keep the Karma flowing, I’d sure appreciate it, as I’m sure the 1,500 subscribers would too. Ask me about special sponsorships, dedicated email blasts, and other ways to get in front of this entirely opt-in readership by emailing or calling my office at 312-884-1888.